Disclaimer and informations on risks of metals

MTL Index : disclaimer of liability

Disclaimer concerning risk

MTL Index can not be held responsible for any losses arising from an investment based on a recommendation, forecast or other information appearing herein. The content of these publications can not be considered as an express or implied promise or a guarantee or commitment of MTL index that customers will profit from the strategies described or losses arising from the implementation of said strategies may or will be limited.

Transactions in accordance with the recommendations in an analysis, can be very speculative and may result in losses as well as profits, in particular if the conditions envisaged in the analysis are not met in the final.


Information Sources

MTL Index utilizes financial information providers and information from such providers may have to form the basis for an analysis. MTL Index can not be held responsible for the level of accuracy or completeness of such information.


Assessments and Methodology

Any recommendations and other comments in the analysis of MTL Index come from macroeconomic fundamental objectives, analyzes statistics and / or estimates of subjective general market.


Recommendations & Past Performance

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns and is not constant over time. any communication shall not constitute an invitation to buy or invest. It can not authoritative nor a substitute for own judgment of a customer or investor and is not intended to be the sole basis for assessing the strategies presented.

It is aimed at an autonomous and informed clientele, with a good knowledge of metals, accepting the vagaries of the market. You will remain the sole judge of whether the operations you may be asked to enter and will have to assess your investment choices based on your financial situation, your experience and your investment goals (including the degree of acceptance risk of loss and planned investment term). If you want to perform operations, we recommend moving closer to a counselor to verify that the investment is suitable for your situation and your financial goals.


Updated recommendations

The recommendations may have a very limited life span due to market volatility. MTL Index believes that its recommendations on metals have a validity period of one to three months. An analysis will be updated only when market developments event or making a new analysis on the same topic relevant. MTL Index analyzes do not cover any specific metal continuously, but only those who have been the subject of an analysis in a given time period.


All the assumptions on which the recommendations are based may be subject to a degree of uncertainty and questioning of one of these assumptions may result in the lapse of the recommendation on the basis of such an assumption.


Conflicts of interest

To guard against conflicts of interest, Index MTL has developed a number of procedures, including procedures applicable to research and analysis to ensure objective research reports.
MTL Index, its employees and any company related to the Company may not hold or have held, metal oxides or other financial instruments, being or having been the subject of recommendations.

MTL Index can not consequently be in exchange position in respect of transactions conducted by customers on these products.


Trustee Authorities

he purchase of physical metals to be delivered is not a regulated activity. It can only be undertaken by experienced investors, persons responsible for their own investment decisions and aware of the risks involved.

Buyers can only rely on their own conviction, complemented by all the research they have undertaken to supplement the information provided by MTL index.



If HMRC’s storage is requested, while storage will be processed by a third party company completely independent and separate from MTL index. The intervention of MTL index in the storage process is limited to the administrative aspects to ensure its customers the compliance of their operations.